It’s all about mozzarella…
Sololatte shanghai
Sololatte is in many ways the perfect expression of the spirit of Shanghai. The city is a mix and match of cultures and experiences and stories..picking up the best of everything..!

And the name itself is a clear statement of the final goal of its production: solo – meaning ONLY – and latte – meaning milk – in Italian language. We started 3 years ago already, using Italian machineries and importing high quality milk from Germany. Our mission and our goal was to offer to the city of shanghai and to those,

is of course eatable and guarantee an absolute fresh product! If it’s not green, it’s not fresh..if it’s not’s NOT sololatte!! The size is tailor made, and can vary according to the preference, the taste and the appetite of our customers! Burrata, if wrapped up in small size, becomes magically ‘PERLINE’ (Italian for little stars). A small explosion of sweet, creamy mozzarella xiaolongbao in your mouth..

Another distinctive mark of sololatte products is STRACCIATELLA. Little stripes of white mozzarella, mixed with cream and able to make any dish rich in flavor and smooth in taste. Some spaghetti, a pizza or even a simple slice of toasted bread..some stracciatella..a few drops of olive oil and some fresh ground pepper will just kill you!
like us, who are in love with Mozzarella and not ready to compromise about quality the best possible mozzarella outside Italy!

Since then, Sololatte delivers everyday to its ‘aficionados’ a pure, fresh and tasty mozzarella. But we realized soon that was not enough for the demanding and spoiled shanghai market! Sololatte, still using those simple ingredients (milk and cream) started to produce much more than simply mozzarella; such as BURRATA. Burrata is a traditional butter melting products, which mix mozzarella with cream, wrapped up in a ‘xiao-long-bao’looking like ball, manufactured strictly according to the Italian rules and tradition. But the very sololatte signature is in the green touch: a string of water parcely. The parcely This is who we are, and what we do every day for the public and private pleasure of our beloved mozzarella lovers.


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